The First Mother’s Day

I really didn’t think that this would end up being a post (albeit a little one) on the blog, but here I am, writing about my wife’s first mother’s day!

Until you have a baby who is not yet old enough to pick their own presents and cards out for their mum, this is such a stressful day!  I can’t wait to get another 1 of these out of the way so that he can pick his own stuff for her…  the pressure is immense, and it doesn’t even need to be.

Why the pressure?

So this is simple…  It’s stressful because I (and maybe I speak on behalf of men, or perhaps it really is just the dumb ones like me) and an idiot.  See…  Simples!

When you’re a kid mother’s day is about getting your mum a gift, or maybe making her something species to show her that you love her, and it’s not until you’re an adult where you realize the importance of mothers and parents in general.  By that time, you’ve been buying mothers day and fathers day presents for so long that even though you have the mental capacity to understand the meaning of this made up holiday, you’re in a routine of just buying something.

For example, for my mum this year I got her a DVD…  a fucking DVD!  Nothing says I love you mum, you’re incredibly special to me, an amazingly important part of my life and I appreciate you so much, quite like Star Trek Discovery season 1 says it.

I thought when I was looking around on Amazon in the front of a van travelling back from Sweden; “Yeah that’ll be perfect, she likes Star trek Voyager, so it’s a fair assumption to make – plus I might as well order 2 cause I haven’t seen it myself yet.”  What a shit present!  I could have done so much better!  In the past I have done so much better; dinner, show tickets, stuff for the house… bloody DVD?

But it only really dawned on me that this present was a bit crap when I was trying to look at my wife in the way Ripley would look at her, and it really is with pure admiration, joy and love.  She does such an amazing job at raising an amazing little man, that she puts me to shame!

What to get for a first mother’s day?

So my presents were a little bit more creative than they were for my own mum.  Well I say my presents…  Little man gets the credit for them of course 😉  Let’s go with our presents for her…  That works.  So we got her:

  • A box of m&ms where varieties show the words, Happy, Mothers & Day, whilst the 4th and final variety has Ripley’s face on it from the day he was born.  It came out really nice, even though of course you lose some of the print quality and detail of the photo as it is printed monotone, but the detail is there and you can tell who it is.  Problem is (and I didn’t think this one through), even though she probably will eat them, she wasn’t too keen on the idea of eating hundreds of pictures of our little guys face!
  • A baby grow which said our first mother’s day for mummy and Ripley in 2019 on it.  It’s a really cute grow which I put on under his clothes when I got him dressed this morning so that she didn’t know he had it on.  All I had to do is wait for him to go for a shit and her to change him and it would have been a really nice surprise… but Noooooo!  I have to hover around prompting her until she figured it out anyway and the surprise was gone.  She liked it, but again I could have done better!
  • A framed picture of what the star constellations were like directly above the QEQM Hospital in Margate at the time he was born, with a nice little message.  Now I don’t know if that’s what it looked like, and to be honest I couldn’t care less if they were tricking me, cause my wife wouldn’t know either and so it’s just a nice gesture.  However I think I over did it with the message as I made it out to his hero, because I honestly do feel that she is an absolute hero for keeping her shit together on that night to get him in to this world safely.  She doesn’t like me saying that shes a hero or superstar or anything along those lines when it comes to his birth as she doesn’t feel like she did anything special.  She made Ripley, so in my books that’s pretty damn special!
  • A pair of socks which say Need coffee on her pair and a matching pair for him which say need milk.  These socks are way too big for him and I didn’t even look at the size of the adult socks – I only just realised that! and they cost a could of quid and just ended in my shopping basket to make up some numbers for her presents.  BUT – They appeared to be the biggest fit of the morning.

What makes for the perfect mother’s day present?

I think that actually this is a pretty easy one to answer.  The perfect mother’s day present comes from the kid…  it’s going to be what will come out of Ripley’s imagination.  It won’t matter how much he spent, or what he got / made…  not one bit!  What will matter is that it has come from him and that it will show his mum what she means to him!

If there is one value I want to instill in our little man it is to cherish his mum and his whole family for that matter.  We can’t choose our family, but he’s a lucky little guy who has been born in to a family which loves him more than anything.  And I think that in our extended family it’s not a feeling we share often enough.

Every time I see my parents we hug, and when we go to Germany and they offer a hand shake, I go in for the hug – something which my nephews in particular who are only a few years younger than me aren’t always comfortable with.  However, I’m pretty emotional and affectionate, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  But to be absolutely honest with you, I don’t think I could even tell you the last time I told my parents that I love them.  I don’t want that for Ripley – my wife deserves to have the love of both of us and to know it…  Bring on the awesome gifts Ripley!

What the hell am I talking about?

So that’s that for what I thought was going to be a tiny little post about getting your partner a mother’s day present on behalf of your little one.  To be honest, I’m not even sure what was the eventual point of this but some times it’s good to just ramble on, especially as I know that my wife will most likely read this!

I do know that what you get someone as a present doesn’t matter at all, and honestly it IS the thought that counts, so I’ve gotten over myself and realised that actually she has enjoyed her gifts.  I think for me it was important to show her how much of a super hero she is and it frustrates me a little bit when she won’t accept that from me!

When Ripley was born it was a very quick process but it was also a very delicate and dangerous one, having to be taken out very quickly.  Through the whole process she was so calm and so relaxed…  for the good of our little guy.  When she was bleeding and dripping all over the floor as they moved her (that’s no exaggeration) or when they broke her waters and it looked like a rob zombie film in that room (again that’s no exaggeration), she didn’t complain, she never made a fuss and she did so well for the first few days to keep this little guy safe and comfortable.

You really are an absolute super star mummy… Let’s face it fellas, they all are.  At the start of the pregnancy we have our 15 minutes of fame, and that’s job done for the next 9 months at least.  Mother’s day is one of those holidays that’s actually very much deserved and genuinely should be celebrated.

Let’s not forget it!

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