Swimming with a Baby at AquaMagis in Plettenberg

I wasn’t sure how good it would be here and whether it would be worth writing about, but actually it was well worth the visit and well worth telling other people about!  We came here as a little day trip while seeing family in Siegen.  As a general tourist it’s unlikely that you’ll be staying in Siegen, however areas like Cologne, Dusseldorf, Duisburg and Dortmund aren’t all that far away either.  So if you’re in one of these areas and have a water baby (or older kids or travelling as a couple who like water parks) – don’t miss out!

Babies at AquaMagis

I had read a few reviews about this place (all of which were German) and some of them weren’t great, especially when it came to young children.  The most common complaint was that the water was too cold, but I wouldn’t agree with that at all.  

There are plenty of pools to choose from and the larger pools for adults and older kids are a bit cooler (I think I read that they are around 27 c), however there are a few small pools (I saw at least 3 and 1 of those was split in to 2, so potentially at least 4 play pools for babies), each of which are around 34 c…  That’s a good temperature for babies to swim at, considering you’d bather them at 37 to 38 c.  As for the ambient air temperature – it was lovely, so temperature wise absolutely no complaints from me.


The only thing I’d suggest is that if your little one does get cold quickly, bring a thermal swim suit to put over the top of their base layers (when we swim in the UK Ripley always wears a disposable swim nappy, a neoprene swim nappy over that, swimming shorts, a skin fit swim shirt and a neoprene thermal wrap over the top.  Here he didn’t need the final layer.

Whilst he was out of the pool though when we had some lunch we did put a dressing gown on him over the top though…  I think you could get away without it but it did keep him comfortable while we ate.

The baby pools all have little fun elements such as a snake which squirted a constant stream of water, helicopters and animals which squirted a jet of water at the push of a button, water jets in the ground and for slightly older kids a couple of little slides and a pirate ship to play on.  I don’t think you need much more, although whilst one pool was low enough for him to easily sit up in, that pool might have been a bit more fun with a couple of water toys…  Something to remember for next time.

For next time?  With our little water rat, when we come back to Germany we’ll definitely come again!


You can Stay at AquaMagis

We didn’t see the areas from the inside but looked quite roomy from outside and are located right next to the pool.  From what I gather there holiday chalets also include entry to the water park and are set in a beautiful area…  There are hills all around, plenty of wilderness, horses, play grounds and of course an awesome water park.  I imagine it’s very popular in the summer and we’ll be looking at that option for a night or 2 next time.

The Slides at AquaMagis

Other than the tiny slides in the baby pools there’s I think only 1 slide for under 6 year old’s and then the next ages are around 8, 12 and even 14 if I remember rightly.  So the slides are mainly for teenagers and adults rather than for all the family.  But there’s a bit of everything there!

I did my first one of those slides where you have a trap door, and even though the drop is only maybe 3 or 4 meters (if that – I might be being dramatic here), I am terrified of heights, so whilst I was waiting for it to open I was shitting myself…  There’s only one corner towards the end and there’s a window where my wife was able to see my fat arse whizz by…  Other than getting water up my noise and bashing my shoulder it was actually pretty good.

Then there was one where you sit in a rubber ring…  Carrying that heavy ring up 6 flights of stairs already had my heart racing.  That one also made me leave a little brown track behind myself because it kept trying to go backwards, which I didn’t want, and then I ended up backwards at the bottom where the ring capsized and I ended in the water on my face…  That’s what I was trying to avoid…  but once again – good fun.

Finally I went on one called 2 illusion (or something like that)…  Which I thought had lights in it but they all went black – then there was a flash of light from a window – then it went pitch black again so I was totally blinded!  The it happened!  It suddenly hit a corner and dropped down.  I have been on lots of rides and a few slides including Swarm & Saw at Thorpe Park, Tower of Terror (or what ever it’s called) at Chessington, Superman and Batman rides at Six Flags American and the Kraken at Seaworld…  This thing was the first ever to make me shout out from shitting my proverbial pants!

How embarrassing – and this time, not that much fun.  For some reason when I came off and sat in the baby pool again one of my big toes was twitching uncontrollably!  Apparently my feet didn’t like it either.

That was it for me with the slides but they’ve got a really quick one too which I think goes nearly 100 kmph and 2 standing water slides which I just didn’t trust, as well as one loop slide which I was a couple of kilos too fat for!

Overall though, the slides were very cool, and I can imagine people who like water slides would enjoy the park enough just with those, forgetting that there are also normal pools, a sports pool with diving board, lazy river, a wave pool and even a gym and sauna.

Food at AquaMagis

Finally, half way through the visit we also ate there.


I always recommend that people eat a curry wurst in Germany, and to try them in different regions as they all make them a little different – maybe a little spicier, a bit sweeter or slightly drier.  We paid 8.50 Eur each for a decent sized curry wurst, chips and a drink, which I was well pleased with.  It’s pretty tasty too, and of course they’ve got high chairs for the bubs!


You don’t even need to worry about cash ’cause they’ve got wrist bands which you purchase things on and then pay it off on the way out.

So what did we think?

As mentioned already we’d definitely go again when we next come to Germany, so you know we liked it, but then again we have got a real water baby on our hands.  We were there for over 2 hours, and as you know keeping a baby happy and engaged for 2 hours isn’t always easy, and the entry fee of 14 Eur each on a weekday, including a free baby and locker hire (in by the way very clean changing rooms) was absolutely worth it.  We both had a good time too!

Don’t miss this if you’re in the area!



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