Why Are we Taking a 5 Month Old to Disneyland Paris?

We are going on holiday soon (since before Ripley was born we’ve always liked to do 2 holidays a year) which includes some time with family in Germany so that they get to meet our little man, a quick stop in Luxembourg, a couple of days in Eindhoven, a stop at Nausicaa and Amiens as well as a few days at Disneyland Paris.


For some reason, every time I tell people this I get asked; “Why are you taking a baby to Disneyland?”  And some people get quite annoyed by it…  What’s it matter to you where I’m taking my baby on holiday?

People are weird!

However, I did think that it’s a fun way for me to get excited about my trip by explaining to everyone, who quite frankly just seems jealous that my baby is going to Disneyland and they’re not, why we’re going over there!  I really don’t have to explain myself, but I’m going to really enjoy it.

There’s nothing at Disneyland Paris for babies

That’s the main point people give me.  I’ve never been there, so I really have no idea, and my wife went many years ago and it has changed a lot since then.  However, just from looking at some videos on YouTube…

… or looking at the Disneyland Paris website, I can see right away that this statement is absolute crap.  For starters I had Ripley sat on my lap when I looked at what the Princess Pavilion is, because he loves to smile at ladies.  He was even smiling at the princesses in the video, so I’m pretty sure that he’s going to love the Princess Pavilion!

Secondly there are loads of people dressed up as characters, there are bright colored buildings, and fast moving shows with lots of noise and lights…  He loves all of this, so there is going to be so much to keep him interested.  He is at a stage of his development at the moment where all he wants to do (besides grabbing his foot and attempting endlessly to stick those stinky toes in his mouth) is to look around and take in his surroundings.  He is now in his sit up portion of his buggy, and walks have since become one of his favorite activities.  Imagine improving on this by basically walking him through a giant cartoon!

He can’t go on any rides at Disneyland Paris


I can!

Who says we are just going to Disneyland for him?  Because we’ve got a baby in tow, we can’t have a good time too?  There’s no reason why mummy and daddy can’t take it in turns to queue for rides, and I believe I even read a bit where we can queue together for some rides and then at the end join a solo riders side bit so that we can take it in turn to ride, waiting with little Ripley at the end of the queue.  Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me, and all the while he still gets to enjoy being taken around this big cartoon world…  Or he’ll be asleep – either way he’ll be having a great time!

Anyway I think there are a few rides and activities we can do with him as they don’t have a height restriction:

  • It’s a small world
  • Alice’s labyrinth
  • Adventure isle
  • Buzz Lightyear’s laser blast
  • Horse-drawn streetcars
  • Lancelot’s carousel
  • Main street cars
  • Armageddon

However, when I say that it often opens up a whole new angle of questioning:

You know there’s nothing at Disneyland Paris for adults right?  It’s a kids park

How about you lighten up a little!  Some of these people aren’t even that old, but are still way “too mature” to be able to enjoy a theme park, and to embrace enjoying something from their past.  I honestly feel that one of the absolute best traits I have to contribute towards being the best parent I possibly can be is the fact that I do embrace these things.

I don’t just want to be Ripley’s dad, I am firmly committed to being his best mate!  A lot of that includes wanting to join in with his play times, and just having a great time, in the way only kids seem to know!

Just for reference though, here are some of the things I’m looking forward to at Disneyland Paris for myself:

A Star Wars Celebration

I’m a big Star Wars fan so I’m looking forward to a few different live shows they will be doing, the imperial and first order marches and of course meeting and getting photos with Darth Vader, storm troopers and Chewbacca!

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

We love a dinner show, although have so far never done a wild west one (just 2 jousting shows and a magic show), so we cant wait.  Also because it looks quite fast paced I think Ripley will quite like it too.


Whether we will queue together and then take it in turns at the end of the queue – they call this baby switch, or do something else while one of us queues.  Some of the rides I quite fancy include:

  • Big thunder mountain
  • Indiana Jones
  • Rock ‘n’ rollercoaster
  • RC racer
  • Shootin’ gallery
  • Star tours
  • Star warts hyperspace mountain

I like shopping for cool stuff, especially if it’s toys or clothes or general stuff for Ripley…  This is going to be a pricey holiday!

Think about the photos

One of the main reasons why I’m so looking forward to taking Ripley is that we are going to be able to immortalize his first holiday and our first trip abroad as a family with some beautiful photos.  The holiday package we got includes a photo pass so we’ll all be able to be in the photos together.

Also as a big comic con fan I do love a good photo op.  I’ve had photos taken with plenty of celebs so it will be nice to see Ripley with some future celebs in his eyes…  How cool will it be when in a few years he watches Toy Story and I can s how him that he met him as a baby.  He already met the Lego movie bunch!

I for one am thoroughly looking forward to going on holiday with him, and yes talking about it here has made me even more excited… I can’t wait to review the place from the family with an infant’s perspective and to review his new luggage at the same time.  Gonna break in this bad boy:


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