He’s All About the Ladies!

Ripley loves people, and he’s not too shy about smiling at just about anyone he meets, but that really goes in to overdrive when he meets a lady!  He is such a little flirt, I’m pretty sure we could eat anywhere with female waitresses for free…  They just absolutely melt with him, and hey, can you really blame them?

The funniest thing about love for the ladies is a particular song which I found – especially when coupled with the video it is like some weird magical weapon for fighting screaming and tears!

Suicide Girls

So, the reason for finding this song is a bit of a long winded and weird one, which does eventually get around to babies, so bare with me on this one.

Tying in to a recent Instagram story I posted, it’s so important to make sure to have a little bit of down time when ever you can.  Whether this is when your partner has the baby, your kid is at some kind of class or club, or just when they’re asleep – try to do something which you do for yourself.

I’ve got a few different things which I like to do in order to just chill out, from playing PS4 (especially the Fallout games), making upcycled jewelry and USB sticks (The Upcycled Nerd), designing t-shirts (Wilder Trash, Wilder Beards and Wild(er)Life) and baby grows (Tiny Nerds) which will likely never ever sell or painting…  and it’s this last one which brings us to the Suicide Girls.

As you can see (and if you’re interested I have an Instagram account for my artwork which is @wilder_art) I’ve got a bit of a weird style and I love bold colors, with the majority of my work (which doesn’t really show here) being female portraits.  As I love bold colors (especially when it comes to painting hair), the perfect models for me to use as reference are various Suicide Girls models which I find on Instagram.

The Suicide Girls is a website and model network for “alternative” models, meaning that they try to promote all kinds of models, with different body shapes & sizes, hair colors, tattoos, piercings and more.  It’s a nice concept and is popular because it goes a little further and is a nude modelling site.  I wouldn’t call it porn as there’s no sex or masturbation (as far as I know for the latter lol – I actually don’t have a membership for the site, just using Instagram pages for the individual models) – let’s call it artistic nude as they do on social media art pages like Deviant Art.

Where am I heading with this?….

Fishball & BADA$$ B

Ah yes…  One of the models I like to paint goes by the name of Fishball, who is also a member of the hip hop duo Badass B.


I don’t listen to hip hop an awful lot (other than the occasional track by Machine Gun Kelly, Eminem, Yelawolf and Hollywood Undead – it really is very rare).  However I found out about Badass B as a clip from their track Fuori Controllo (which for some reason seems to have disappeared from their channel) came up in her Instagram story.  As well as that song they had a song called Cuba on their channel, which I turned on while I was laying next to my wife, with my phone near her belly while she was pregnant.

Salsa Dancing in the Womb

Cuba has got a very Latin feel to it, so Salsa seems to be a good Latin dance to do to it, so I’m sticking with it!  As soon as it came on, Ripley woke up and starter to wiggle about in her belly!  And subsequently any time we played it, he seemed to react while in the womb.  It was really strange to see, as he didn’t respond to every song like this.

I’ve quite grown to like the song, as well as a couple of their other tracks, so one day after he was born I turned it on, and his little ears pricked up and he gave us a little wiggle.  It was like he remembered it from the womb and really did this whole time love the track.

I then tried it again to distract him when he was crying, and sure enough he stopped crying instantly and listened out for the song, but then started to whimper a little again…  That’s when I showed him the video (he likes bright colors).

He was instantly transfixed, and always smiles when the ladies dance in their bikinis!

Now, I know he doesn’t fancy the Latina looking girls (although I think they’re actually Italian) shaking their booties in daisy dukes and bouncing their tiddies about in bikinis…  I think he’s just smiling because their women, and he just loves to smile at ladies he see…  But it’s still really cute and pretty funny to see.  The effects, even when he is absolutely hysterical are almost instant!

To be fair any number of Bounce Patrol videos also seem to do the trick these days, just not when he’s hysterical- then we still need the big guns (no pun intended).

Baby Shark

Just because I’ve got it stuck in my head too now, I don’t want you to get away with not being in the same boat…


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