Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Friends Activity Jumper

We got this from my parents at Christmas for Ripley, knowing that he’s still a little bit too small for it at the moment.  However, we built it a couple of days anyway to get the box out of the way and see what it’s like.

We use a small bouncer around the house for when only one of us is home and we need to have a shower or when we’re watching TV and he wants to sit on his own for a bit.  However as he is getting more interested in spending a little time on his own it’s actually going to be handy to have something a bit more engaging for him.

Even though he is still too young, he can hold his head up quite well and site fairly well on his own, so for a couple of minutes whilst being supervised he can actually sit in it for a tiny bit, although he does need a little extra support and he has a pillow underneath it as his feet don’t touch the ground.


The manufacturer says that they can’t be in it at that size, so don’t follow my advice, but Ripley quite likes it for a few minutes because its got a lot going on.


Once he grows up and can use it properly there are a lot of features for him!

  • 360 degree rotating seat so that the baby can spin around to use the various toys as well having a good look around the room.
  • 4 different activity stations.
  • Keyboard which plays a little music as well as teaching about shapes using language – both English and Spanish.
  • 5 height settings.
  • Loops for hanging up even more toys and activities of your own choosing.
  • A flat section which could be used for finger foods when weaning.

In terms of features you really can’t knock it, and they all work well, look good, are bright colored, the sounds are loud enough and really clear.  I think when he is older and can reach it all and sit in it on his own, is going to absolutely love this!


This can be summed up in one very simple sentence:

“You don’t want this in a 1 bed flat.”

This thing is BIG.  Which is going to be quite cool for him, because it is a big frame and big seat loaded to the brim with stuff, but in order to give them that much fun in a stable and usable manner, takes up a huge amount of space.  Especially when compared to a conventional rocker or bouncer.

So in short, no, it’s not very practical…  But as long as the kids are having fun, who really cares?

Ease of Use

Once it’s made, it’s easy to use.  Pick up your kid and stick them in the seat – done!  They can do the rest, but getting it to that point is a whole different story!


I’ve read a few reviews where they have said that it’s easy to build.  I disagree…  Strongly!

Perhaps those people had a degree in engineering or welded the thing together in a back yard workshop, ’cause there is nothing straightforward when it comes to building this thing.  The name Einstein finally makes sense, because you need to be a genius to build this contraption.  As for the instructions – they might as well give you a blank pad and a crayon to hand to your kid…  They’ll draw up an instruction manual almost as useful as this one!


Who knows…  maybe I was just being thick!

To sum up

It is designed for kids aged about 4 months and onward, with a weight limit of 25 lbs (11 kg) and requires 3 AA batteries and an engineering degree to assemble…  But once made it really is a very cumbersome but cool activity center.  Ripley is going to love it – at the moment he quite likes to sit and chill out in it!

It’s pretty pricey in the £130 region depending on where you buy it from, so personally I think I wouldn’t have purchased it myself as I quite like smaller bouncers which you can easily move, and he quite enjoys playing whilst laying down.  However as a product which we were given I think we are all 3 going to be super happy with it.

If you were thinking about buying yourself one, is it worth it?

I’d say yes to be honest.  I moan about how awkward it was to build, but then again it was over Christmas and it annoyed me so much I got a sweat on which then just made it worse!  BUT!…  The build quality is absolutely wicked and you don’t need to worry about this beast of a baby toy falling apart!  It’s a very high quality product.


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