Day 10 – The Miracle Powder of Talcum

Let me start with an apology of sorts…  this is diary day 10, even though Ripley is already a ripe 5 weeks (and then some) old*.  The biggest thing I have discovered in my so far still short tenure as dad, is that babies sap the time out of your life!  Time for you to do what you want literally ceases to exist!  I always knew that he would take up a lot of time but it really is quite impressive how good they are at time wasting.


A Walk in the Zoo

Today was a bit mental, in that we somehow fed him a few times during the night and before we knew it…  it was 11:30!  All 3 of us managed to sleep right through breakfast and basically all the way through to lunch.  If there is one thing my belly needs these days it’s sleeping through meals and skipping the odd one here and there!  I’ve started to get a dad bod in droves!

In order to grab some lunch we had a little walk around Wingham Wildlife Park.  After having been off work for 10 days it was nice to see the animals we work with there anyway, and to show off our newest addition.  When ever he meets new people, they always make a point of saying how much he looks like me but just much much better!  I’ll take it as a compliment…  He is gorgeous and I’d be lucky to look as good as this little guy.  He’ll be fending off the girls (and who knows, maybe boys) with sticks when he grows up I’m sure!

On of the most difficult things to figure out at this age and at this time of year is how much clothing to put them in when you take them outside.  i think I’ll make a blog post about this in the future some time.  We found that for a fairly warm day just a sleep suit is fine (although he almost always has a hat on outdoors), with a really thin blanket on hand if his feet get cold.  He’s also got his mums circulation so gets really cold hands, which isn’t a problem when his sleep suits have built in gloves.

Ripley at Wingham Wildlife Park

Emma’s Diary

There’s something which I forgot about and kept meaning to do, which is to fill in the form for Emma’s Diary and take it down to Boots…  And as you know I’m writing this almost 4 weeks later, and guess what!  I still ‘aint done it!

But I’m going to make a blog post about these things as well, because there is no end of stuff you can get for free or get insane deals on with a few different companies who hand out free bags of stuff.  Some of it is shit and you won’t ever use it, but there are even vouchers for crazy amounts of money off.  For example we had a voucher for something like £100 off one of the Chicco Next To Me Cribs.

While I write about those companies get yourself over to Emmas Diary and Bounty to sign up (preferably when you’re still pregnant to get the most out of them).

Baby Blues

We’ve been alright a couple of days now, however the strange thing with the baby blues is that they seem to come and go.  Both of us have good days and have bad days, and these seem to correlate quite well with how he’s feeling on that day…  For example –

Today Ripley is being, quite frankly, a bit of a shit.  As a result my wife is feeling like she’s a bad mum.

One thing which is really important here is that she’s an amazing mum.  A much better parent than I could hope to be.  She’s got patience in spades and you can see that this kid is absolutely head over heels in love with her!  I think the thing which upsets her the most is that she’s not breast feeding…  Who cares!  The bond between her and Ripley is there and already unbreakable, and he’s a fit, healthy and mostly happy little chappy…  I wouldn’t change a thing!  Keep up the great work!  And that applies to all you mums – as long as you are trying to do the best for your baby, no one can ask for any more.

Talcum Powder

Up until now we’ve both been using just nappy cream on him when we change him and drying him by hand when we give him a wash.  Forget all that!

I LOVE talcum powder!

I used the stuff for the first time today and just like saw dust is perfect for soaking up sick on the pavement or petrol on a forecourt, talcum powder sucks every speck of moisture off your babies skin!  Now when I change him, if his bum’s not sore…  no cream, just powder!


Although I do get told off cause I talc his ass the same way I season my steak…  Lots!

Tip of the day – clearly today that’s going to be use talcum powder, not just after a nappy change but also once you dry your little one after a bath.  Its perfect for drying out those fat creases they get under their armpits, neck, chins and thighs.

*I started to write this when he was coming up to 6 weeks old…  He’s actually now 10 weeks old.  Proof that when you have a baby you instantly enter some kind of shitty time vacuum which there is NO escaping from – unless you leave the country for a couple of days without mum and baby, that works – I’ve tried it!

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