Free Stuff For Expectant & New Parents

We all love a bargain don’t we!  And never has a bargain been more useful than when you have a baby sucking your wallet dry!  To be honest babies don’t necessarily cost as much as people sometimes make out, but they’re also not cheap, so getting help and discounts where we can is always a good idea.

I have compiled a list of all the major places which offer discounts and freebies as your baby grows (and even beforehand).  So for each one click on the title to be taken to that website!

St John’s Ambulance

So this one’s not very exciting and you don’t get loads of money off vouchers, BUT it might save your babies life, so I’d say this completely free guide is worth 2 minutes of your time to sign up and have it sent to you by mail.

If you’re going to sign up for anything at all from this list, make it this!

Your Baby Club

Your baby club took a couple of minutes to sign up for and just like that you’re signed on to some competitions and to get special offers by e-mail.  Babies cost a butt load of money so those emails might come in handy…  depending on what they are discounting.

However for a couple of minutes work straight away you get access to all of the below, as well as a few things which I’d have no interest in or which you can sign up for elsewhere so I will mention separately.

I didn’t realize until I got the confirmation e-mail that this site is run by Aptamil, whom I’ve not used as we are big fans of SMA.  However as well as offers there are also tons of articles and even helplines which you can call for expert advice from midwives and nutritionists.

Amazon Baby Wishlist

I tried for ages to get the free gift through the Amazon Baby Wishlist following all the instructions on the Your Baby Club website, because I did actually quite want the £11 Grocomforter toy.  Gro are a really good company but I’ve already got loads of comforters for Ripley so I wasn’t going to pay for one!  In the end I gave up and he’ll have to do without!


When you get your baby you’re going to take a ton of photos, so why not get one printed?  With the offer I received, I got £15 off which is a good discount and if you wanted a small canvas of 30cm x 20cm all you’d have to pay is the postage, which is pretty nice, especially if you can’t afford a big canvas print.

Product Testers

There were at the time of my sign up a few companies looking for product testers including SMA for their follow on milk (6 to 12 months), egg for one of their £769 strollers, Silver Cross for their £1,030 travel system as well as pampers, with both giving a long supply of the product to review.  The pampers one came with a years supply of nappies!  Now that’s a HUGE saving…  I haven’t heard from them yet though.

Plus Loads More Crap

To be honest, the further you get down the list of competitions, offers, freebies and testers, the more you see the same being repeated and the offers etc getting worse and less relevant.  However for the same of getting some emails (which you can always direct straight to your spam if you so wish) it was worth having a look at!

SMA Baby Club

As you read through this it is definitely aimed at mums…  I’m not convinced the website even knows that I’m a bloke.  BUT we have already been using SMA for the past 4 and a bit weeks so if I can get discounts etc from them it makes sense.  We spend around £15 per week on formula at the moment.

However as well as offers there are plenty of great articles, competitions and when you first sign up they send you a welcome pack in the mail which is a nice touch.

This site is designed to accompany you on the first 1,000 days of your babies life.

Emma’s Diary

This one is one of the biggest and most well known free stuff companies allowing you to pick up sealed bags of goodies from Boots and Argos.  There are a total of 4 to collect for various stages of your pregnancy.  They contain little samples of washing detergent, nappies, nappy cream, baby wipes etc along with loads of vouchers, as well as having vouchers emailed to you – I believe on a weekly basis.

The offers which accompany an account with Emma’s Diary are very good and so worth doing…  especially ’cause it’s free!


Bounty works in much the same way as Emma’s Diary with the packs coming in sealed bags and containing basically the exact same assortment of things.  With Bounty there are also 4 packs, with the first one being predominantly an information pack.

The only real difference is where they can be collected from.  The first one and your new born pack are given to you at the hospital whilst the second and 4th packs can be collected from Asda or Tesco.

All of the other offers, updates and information however are accessed through the Bounty App.

Baby Box Co.

This one is a good one for people who really are strapped for cash and can’t get a crib or Moses basket which their baby will soon out grow – they’re not cheap.  So the baby Box Co. is giving away baby boxes as safe sleep containers, which can later be used for storage too.  They are a really great thing to be offered free of charge, and all you need to do is watch some videos online, remember what you have seen and then pass a quiz.  Pass the quiz (and there are several, for various ages) and claim a reward.

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