8 Best Baby Carriers for Men

Finding a baby carrier as a man, which doesn’t make you look like an absolute bell end isn’t an easy task!  There aren’t many of us who can pull off about 80% of the baby carriers out there…  just look at this listing of one of the wrap around ones on Amazon…  He might think he looks alright (or he’s just thinking about his pay cheque), but this just isn’t a good look!

But never fear!  Even though the baby product makers might forget that men hold their babies too or take them to the baby change room with their pink flowery change bag…  there are a few options out there which won’t make you want to hide your baby inside a quadruple XL puffa jacket!

Please not that the prices below were correct at the time of writing this…  to check updated prices and buy if you so wish, click on the image to be taken to amazon.

Kangaroo Fleece

Honestly this is probably by far the best option and whilst it basically is you hiding the baby carrier under a jacket, it’s a secure, warm and fairly stylish way of doing so.  At around £21 and with a lot of different color options, its going to be the easier baby carrier to fit in with your wardrobe.

Circlefly Camouflage Baby Carrier

This is a mid range carrier at just under £50.  It’s pretty low slung so it doesn’t look like your baby is an abscess at the bottom of your chin, and keeps them out of your beard…  Plus, everything’s better in camouflage right?

Ergobaby 360

This seems to be a fairly popular range for dads and seems to come up quite regularly on these lists, however at around £110 I’m not sure if I’d want one myself.  I’d be expecting a cup holder or a drone floating above to take the weight off a little…  But it doesn’t appear to have any of those!  Just don’t choose one of the many stupid colors it comes in (including the one pictured)… just get a black one!

Tonga Hip Carrier

For me, this looks like one of the best options!  When you’re done with it, you can roll it up and stick it in a pocket / on the pram and when you’re using it you can hardly see it.  However it’s not designed to be hand’s free so it really does depend on what you want out of your baby carrier.  I can imagine this makes carrying super simple and take a lot of the strain off but you do still need to hold on to the little one!  And at about £43 it’s fairly pricey for what you get.

Lightweight Ranger Kids Outdoor Carrier

This is a pretty good one depending on your activity.  I think it’s not really an everyday carrier but for out and about it’s a pretty good way to disguise your baby as rambling gear!  At about £130 it does come with a lot of options and features, and it really is designed for prolonged rugged use!

Fillikid 4-in1 Convertible Carrier

This one is nice and simple, it costs about £40, its plain and looks to do the job.  You can’t really go too wrong with this one.

Babybjorn Baby Carrier Mini

This one does exactly the same as the one above, looking possibly a tiny bit better but for thre privildgfe costing twice as much at £80.  But as with some of the others, don’t let your mrs choose the colour…  they do some pretty shit ones!  The black one is the best in my opinion.

HarnnHalo Adjustable Carrier

This is my final one and in my opinion one of the best options here.  It combines the great aspects of the two above, with an even lower price of less than £35, but knocks it up a notch by adding a pocket!  Of course you want to be able to carry things on your babies back!

Those are some of the best options out there in my opinion, but don’t just take my word for it!  Click here to get a list of baby carriers and related products and accessories on Amazon (there are over 10,000 to choose from) and make up your own mind!

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