Sci-Fi Baby Names

Before Ripley was born we went through the process of trying to find a name for our baby – to begin with of course we focused on both boys and girls names, until we found out what flavor Ripley was going to be.  One of the main themes we focused on were Sci-Fi related names (as well as Fantasy names, however I’ll cover that in another post).  Finding all of the best names in one place was difficult but here are what I think are many of the best sci-fi related names out there!




A peacekeeper in the show and all-round badass chick, but also born of love rather than just for procreation.  Perfect name for a tough bird born in to a loving family.


Battlestar Galactica

Communications officer for the battle fleet so perfect name for anyone whom you wish to grow up with a strong character while keeping what is at its core a really nice traditional name.  By the way it is the female version of the Greek male name Anastasius which is a pretty cool name too.



Part of the Alpha Flight group in the comic book series.  On its own it’s a very strong female name but in conjunction with this reference it also conjures up feelings of variety with a character which is both sympathetic and quiet yet also fun and outgoing.


X Files

The original sci-fi crime busting badass from the x-files.  It’s a very Americanized name and as shown by Dana White of the UFC can be a mens name too, however in the UK it is most commonly female.


League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol III

She only gets a brief mention there and is actually an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel character.  The princess of the Martian city of Helium…  This names got royal connections!


Mad Max: Fury Road

Just a badass name for what was a badass chick in the best of the Mad max films…  No one’s going to fuck with your daughter if you call her furiosa!


Star Wars

As the Star Wars saga played out she become increasingly strong and instrumental to the future of the free universe…  What better inspiration for a girls name than the fictional world’s best ever princess?


Fifth Element

This name is pretty cool and its sweet and once again based on a badass character.  However I often like to look ahead in to the future and think about how the name would work when your daughter turns 18…  Is Leeloo going to be going in to the financial services or is she more likely to have her name written in lights…  red lights?


Star Wars

Almost as awesome as Leia, Padme Amidala Naberrie is the mother of Princess Leia and is certainly in the worlds of fiction the most awesome queen ever to be portrayed…  What strength in such a feminine name!



You’ll find a theme of the women in this list usually being badass individuals and awesome strong characters to steal names from!  River is a sweet name with a good cult sci-fi pedigree.


The Matrix

So, certainly not one of the most memorable characters from the film series but what a cool name?  I know it’s just a nickname but I think it makes for a very modern but strong female name.  Another fairly high up option for us, had Ripley been a girl.


Stargate Atlantis

An ass kicking martial arts diplomat… what?! It’s such a nice name, no one would suspect the strong character she’s named after!


The Matrix

Had Ripley been a girl there’s a very strong chance that he would have been named after this hero from the Matrix series.  Taking everything that was still noble about the life outside the world of the machines she encompasses all of the traits you’d want your daughter to have, surely?



X Files

If you want your kid to grow in to the person they are named after, then get ready for a moody, stubborn nerd with this one…  But just as the main male character in the x-files was pretty cool, so is this name.


Blade Runner

You know that any character played by Harrison Ford is going to be a good one…  one which kids will love ‘cause they’re bad asses but in a good way.  Not that bad to be associated with surely?  I guarantee he’ll be the only kid in his class with this name too!


Back to the Future

I’m not sure if I like this name more because it’s the main character of this classic movie or if it’s because if you add in another a, you get the name of one of the Netherlands’ best musical exports:


Star Wars

Now I wasn’t allowed to choose this name…  Apparently there’s some kind of bad omen involved in naming your only child after a fictional tyrannical merchant of death for the Sith.


Star Wars

Possibly one of the best of the good guys in the Star Wars universe… so not a bad name to give to your son.  As mr solo came from space and you hear it in the fast and furious franchise too it’s often seen as quite an exotic name but as a first name it’s actually pretty common in the Netherlands.


Star Wars

Another Star Wars reference…  there’s a few of these, and what better character to choose than a swindling, gambling smuggler?



My nephew has this name, although i’m not sure if my sister knew the sci-fi connotations when they picked the name – her husband certainly did!  Name you’r kid after the second best character in the x-men universe (well you don’t want to call your boy deadpool…  Wade’s a pretty good one too though).


The Matrix

This was very close to being Ripley’s name, and I think if we didn’t give him a middle name based on my dads name, he could very well have ended up being called Ripley Neo Wilder.  It’s just a really cool name.


Star Wars

If you don’t know anything about Obi Wan Kenobi (and I think giving your kid the full name is taking things a bit far), it’s time for you to get off this list…  Google most popular names of the year instead!


Back to the Future

Just make sure you take every opportunity you can when he’s younger to style the shit out of his hair for some crazy scientist photo shoots.  A nice classic American name anyway.


Chronicles of Riddick

This is another one which we actually genuinely considered for Ripley, and it’s still a name which i really like.  It’s certainly unusual (of course in the film being a surname – did you know that Vin Diesel’s characters first name was actually Richard?  Riddick certainly has more badass appeal) but not so outlandish that it can’t be paired with certain surnames to let your kid make their mark!



So here it is clearly an x-men reference, however Xavier is actually a very strong classical name which no one would bat an eye lid to as to where the inspiration was from.



Buffy the Vampire Slayer

So this is supposed to be a unisex name, however personally I feel it lends itself FAR more to girls, especially if you’re reading this in the UK.  I think in America it is more often a male name than it is here and if nothing is just a very positive name whose dictionary meaning surely can’t evoke anything other than love and peace.


Star Trek: The Next Generation

This name can be spelled in a number of ways with Jordie also being a popular spelling, and for me is actually the preferred way to spell this one.  Sticking with the sci-fi reference though the tech wizard of the next generation is written as above.  It is more common for boys but it can be used for both without too much controversy.



Even though the reasons for our little guy being called Ripley are slightly different (he is actually named after Robert Ripley of Ripley’s Believe it or not), this is never the less our absolute favourite name we ever thought of and then finally settled on!

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