JDonovan Photography

Way before Ripley was born I knew that we would obviously NEED to have a professional photo shoot done and I went through the process of finding a few companies…  The first one completely ignored me twice which was really annoying because we got their details as associates of the place we had our first 4d scan done, and the second company kept having crossed communications lines – I don’t know what the hell happened with that one!

But then through her NCT group my wife found out about Jodie and went ahead and booked her in.


Jodie Donovan Photography

From what I gather Jodie has only been a professional photographer for about a year at the time of writing this, and as such she doesn’t have her own studio (yet).  But she makes up for it with a pretty good mobile studio.  I wish I’d asked her if I could take some photos of her setup but totally forgot.


She doesn’t take up a huge amount of space but has a decent lighting rig, background, stands, props, swaddles…  the list goes on to cover just about everything she might need for the baby shoot.


I must admit that to begin with I didn’t like the idea of her coming to us because I had my heart set on going to a studio, but to be honest it really wasn’t needed in the end.  To be honest if nothing else maybe it was even a good thing that she came to our house, because Ripley was nice and calm, in his own room with everyone and everything he knows around him.  Maybe that’s why he was so well behaved.


However!  another reason he was so well behaved is that Jodie was VERY good with him.  She states on her website that she herself is a mum and it shows.  She knew how to keep him happy & calm and how to get him in to the best poses.


All in all there’s not much else to say about her other than that she was incredibly affordable, professional and lovely to have here to do the shoot, and we’d certainly use her again.  At the end of the day…  the photos speak for themselves anyway – what better review could I do?

Star Wars Newborn Baby Photo Shoot

One of the best things I found about Jodie is that she is really open to suggestions, requests and special themes.  She asked for some photos of the room and some props before the shoot as well as color themes (I guess to save space so that she didn’t need to bring pink and purple to our “earthy” tones shoot) which meant that she was able to nicely match her props and backgrounds with ours.

I had a bit of a weird request as far as baby photo shoots go!

So we went for a Star Wars theme…

…I did warn warn you all that I’m a massive nerd – in fact watch out for a post about taking a tiny baby to London Comic Con very soon (less than one week to be exact).  And I LOVE the way it turned out.

We did also have a crochet Yoda ears hat which looks absurd and I’m glad the light sabre ended up looking OK cause it was also crochet and when I first got it out the bag some people thought it was a gherkin while others thought it looked very much like an infected nob!


I have seen some really nice baby photo shoots with kids dressed as Mario (although I was hoping to find something to dress him like Yoshi) leaning on an old NES…  But I just couldn’t get the props in time.

Not Just Newborn Shoots

We only had the newborn shoot but I know from conversation and from her website, which by the way is below or by clicking here, that newborns isn’t all she does.  I believe much of what she does is weddings, but also maternity shoots and 1 year baby cake smash shoots.  I’m tempted to maybe book one of these, although there’s a pretty good chance we’ll be in Iceland on this little guys birthday so would need to book it before or after.  We’ll see closer to the time!



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