Day 8 – A Day of Solos

Today was a big day with a hell of a lot going on, so let’s dive right in!

Daddy Day Care Time

Something I want to do a lot more of moving ahead, especially once my wife has really recovered from her c-section is to spend a few hours alone with Ripley to give her a little break from mothering and give me a chance to bond with the little guy.  At the moment I’m getting to spend a load of time with him but figure that this will change once I go back to work.  Only having one day off per week I want to make the most of that!

As I work at a wildlife park I was very lucky to be able to take him out for the first time alone at the zoo and I didn’t even need to jump in to a car!

Wingham Wildlife Park is a great place for family days out, and I’m not just saying that ‘cause I work there – they don’t pay me to write this blog and so that’s genuinely how I feel about it.  I’ve got a butt load of love for that park and all the work that gets done there.  I absolutely can’t wait until he is old enough for the play area, but for today it was time to just wander around and look at the animals…


He is 8 days old, so he didn’t see shit while we walked around…  BUT…  I rarely get time to wander around the park so I saw plenty and loved being in the open with him while shooting some really cute photos of his first real day at the zoo – although in reality it only lasted about half an hour.

Time to get back to mum…  We’d planned to go out in the afternoon.

In and out of the car!

We popped to the doctors today to quickly register him at the surgery…  Something we completely forgot about until the midwife mentioned it, and it took a little longer than expected so I ended up both feeding him in the car while my wife went in and did the paperwork, as well as changing him.  This was a first for me and got really awkward as I couldn’t change him on my lap and when I put him on the back seat he kept rolling to the side… So it had to be the boot!

After all that he got changed in the end but did also get a cold arse so next time we’ll have to rethink our changing strategy!

So after that bit of fun we took the little fella shopping for the first time heading over to Westwood cross, and the first thing I can say about taking kids shopping is those parent and kids parking spaces.  Have you seen how wide those things are!  When I park, I park like a girl (sorry ladies) and go for the easiest spaces I can find…  these double wide spaces have just become my new favorite – worth having a kid just for that!

Tip of the day – even if you don’t have a kid, stick a car seat in the back so that you can pretend that you belong in a parent and kid parking space!

We got a few bits done including buying a DVD for later in that day and getting some new clothes for him (‘cause you know… even with a wardrobe bursting at the seams we’ve never got enough to dress him in) as well as my wife.  She is currently at a weird stage where her usual clothes still don’t fit yet but her maternity clothes are now too big so we need an in-between set of outfits.

Even though this all meant that we took him in and out of the car several times, ran him around in the pram (in the blaring sunlight I must add – chasing shade), took him to a very busy shopping centre with lots of noise and even changed him in the elements, he did so well and really didn’t make a fuss at all.  Seriously – don’t worry about having to start taking your kids out for the first few times!

Back to the old bottles

When we got him we fed him again and it became apparent that these new NUK bottles just weren’t working out either, so we went back to trying the Tommee Tippee ones. First we tried a different type which had some special anti colic teat.  What a load of shit!  These shitty things give him as much wind as the normal bottles and when I sterilized them they warped resulting in milk flying all over the place as I shook it up.  What a mess!

As a result we went back to the OLD old bottles, and low and behold he started to drink beautifully.  The Nuk bottled had a faster flow so he had to swallow quicker, so now that he was sucking the Tommee Tippee teats a little harder he has started to dribble a lot less.  RESULT!

Although during this time we also noticed that he had a weird white mark on the top of his mouth… one to keep an eye on and talk to the midwife about on her next visit.  It’s not causing him any trouble though.


With him well and truly knackered out and well fed it was time for us, or the first time since his birth to sit down and watch a movie.  So we popped Solo: A Starwars Story (fitting as I started the day with a solo run out with Ripley) in to the DVD player, reclined our chairs, massaged Ripley’s legs and arms with coconut oil (Good Bubble do an amazing one) and sat through pretty much the whole movie without interruption.  Here’s hoping this is a sign of things to come!


Proper tip of the day – Obviously I can’t condone that you pretend to have a baby just so that you can park in a wider space closer to the shop entrance…  But seriously, it’s worth it!  So my actual tip of the day is for the dads…  If you get the chance take every opportunity to spend some time with your little ones and give your partner a chance to have some time away.

Especially if you are going back to work earlier than she does (which yes I know ladies, is not always the case), it is exhausting for them and a quick break here and there will surely be appreciated.  Plus, think about how you want your kid to remember you growing up or when looking back at photos – especially in this modern age where camera phones result in photos everywhere…  A cool loving dad who did stuff with the baby or a deadbeat dad who never made any effort and time?  Think about it…  My job keeps me fucking busy, trust me!  I work at least 60 hours a week spread across 6 days – and I plan to make as much time as I can!

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