Day 7 – tres awkward

This wasn’t an overly eventful day even though it was the first time that we took him out for a prolonged period and the first time in his car seat since his journey home from the hospital… he still doesn’t really like it much!

Lactation Clinic

The midwife asked us to attend a lactation clinic in order to speak to them about his problem latching on to the nipple and to see whether he has tongue tie.

When we arrived at the clinic it was at a children’s centre and to be honest it was fairly nice… until they shoe horned us in to this little side room with about 7 other mums and babies which is where the clinic was held.  It felt very cramped, ridiculously hot and to be honest not overly hygienic… especially if they were going to dig about in his mouth looking under his tongue.

Worst of all however was how fucking awkward it was… not for me but for the other women who were one by one popping their boobs out to feed their babies.  I don’t have a problem with it and think it should be more widely accepted in public places than it currently is.  However these were all new mums and you could tell that they felt a little embarrassed by me, the only bloke, being there.

So I got up and left… beyond that I can’t tell you much more about what happened other than that we got a referral for a lactation consultant for a one on one meeting about the tongue tie.

All in all a bit of a wasted trip!

First wash

After being at the clinic and having a bit of a walk about we got back home and decided to give him his first proper wash.  He’d had a few cleans since he was born but this was his most in depth wash…  well, as in depth as we could without giving him a bath as his umbilical cord was still attached.  They day not to bathe them until that comes off.

He seemed to enjoy being cleaned but just as with changing a nappy, as soon as we were done he arched a big piss all over himself… so he immediately also got his second proper wash!

By this time his skin has started to get a life dry so we’re having a go with the childs farm moisturiser to see if we can get on top of it. The worst affected seems to be his belly which is super flaky! The midwife said however that it’s perfectly normal.


Can you believe that at just 7 days old he has already grown so much that when we put his new nappy on we decided that its time to move up to size 1 from size 0!

Trying a new bottle

One of the things we did today while we were out was to get 2 packs of nuk bottles.  Since getting him home we have been using tommee tippee as it’s a brand I have always liked and trusted.  Due to my conservation work I have a lot of experience with baby animals which have been rejected by their mums and one of the bottled and teats we use is tommee tippee.

Nuk however is the brand which comes with the sma sterilized starter kit which we used in the hospital and as he had started to dribble A LOT with the tommee tippee teats we decided to swap over to nuk to see how he does with those.

For today at least he seems to be drinking a little better with the new flatter teats…  let’s see if this stops all that dribbling while he feeds.

Tip of the day – every baby is different so when it comes to outfits, bottles, dummies, nappies, formula, moisturizers… anything… don’t be surprised if you don’t get it right the first time.  Even if this isn’t your first baby, their preferences might be totally different to the preferences of the previous one.  There is always a degree of trial and error when it comes to the finer details.

2 thoughts on “Day 7 – tres awkward

  1. Day 7!!! Gosh I think I remember day 7 😍😍

    We had a similar experience with the lactation clinic in our area. My hubby felt well awkward being there. But different to your experience, all the ladies (there were only 4 in ours) laughed it off and told him to relax because he was learning as much as I was. Hopefully you won’t have too many experiences as a daddy that are awkward!


    1. Sorry I’m new to WordPress and had no idea that I had to come in here and approve comments… I’ll keep an eye on this more regularly!

      Thankfully everything has been pretty easy sailing in terms of embarrassing moments… Although to be fair it takes a lot to embarrass me lol, and to be honest a lot of the breast feeding mums I know are very comfortable in public so I’m not sure why they all looked so awkward – I promise I wasn’t sat in the corner staring at them! I can only guess that it was because most of them were there because at some level they were having problems with with the baby, the process or themselves and that’s what it was. Even as a bloke I don’t think I’d want to sit in a room filled with women talking about my nipples lol

      Thank you for reading my blog by the way – it’s nice to see people are taking an interest in it.


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