Day 6 – An Unsettled Evening

Today was an interesting one, and our first glimpse in to what people always warn you about when it comes to babies… the sleepless nights!

Up until now we had been very lucky with Ripley but by this evening things would change a little and we hope that it is not a brief look in to he very near future!  However he did have a long day leading up to this.

Midwife Visit

The midwife comes to you a few times after you go home and today was one of those visits, and it’s the one which most mums always dread…  the visit with the heel prick test!  Or as the NHS call them, newborn blood spot test.

This is where the heel of your babies foot is pricked with a needle and 4 (although in our case it was 5) spots of blood are put on to a small piece of card to be sent away for testing by the midwife.  This test is performed to pick up on a number of rare but serious conditions:

  • Sickle cell disease
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Congential hypothyroidism
  • Phenylketonuria
  • Medium chain acyl CoA dehydrogenase deficiency
  • Maple syrup urine disease (seriously, that’s the official name)
  • Isovaleric acidaemia
  • Glutaric aciduria type 1
  • Homocystinuria

The reason why most mums hate this is that it will make your baby bleed…  and it does hurt them a little.  BUT, it’s for just a second and the blood really is very minimal so even though yes it will cause a moment of discomfort it could potentially also save your babies life.  So is it worth doing?  Of course it is!

Other than this everything went very well with the midwife visit and my wife finally had the dressing taken off her c section scar, which the midwife said was healing very well!

Food Shopping

After having spent some time in hospital and then having our world turned upside down by the arrival of our baby, we had almost no food or drink in the house (I don’t drink water – I’m too big a fan of coke and energy drinks).

As such I was tasked with going out to do the food shopping for the week as my wife still can’t walk around an awful lot.

Usually we spend around £80 a week for our grocery shop, which is assuming we haven’t bought any DVDs.  We spend a lot for a household of 2, however this time I got a little out of control and spent this, plus £105 more!

We realised that something we were missing to allow a little more airflow around the bedroom which we currently share with little Mr Ripley, a stair gate might come in handy.  Also we were thinking about taking him out tomorrow and it looked like it was going to be a cold day so I also got a thermal suit for the little guy.

Of course that doesn’t add up to £185, which is because I also got a new teddy (although purely as a photo prop for his professional shoot coming up), a DVD for us (by the way, Escape Plan 2 with Sylvester Stallone is absolute shite!  A shame as the first one was awesome), baby milk and a couple of outfits.  Now some people might think that a couple of outfits area waste as they are both the same but in different sizes…  HELL NO!  He is going to look the nuts in this outfit and so I want it to last.


I thought I was going get some trouble when I got home, but my wife was actually alright about it…  thank god for post c section pain killers!

The Night of 6 Outfit Changes

So this is where the evening turned in to a steaming stream of yellow baby shit…  Although actually it was just before I came home for my wife!

People had always joked that baby boys piss everywhere but I didn’t believe how bad it was.  I had learned by now hat Ripley does like to pee as soon as you take the nappy off rather than before and as a result we drape a muslin over his bits so that when he pees it’s instantly caught, however it would seem to either my wife forgot this or he peed in the wrong moment between removing the muslin and securing the next nappy.

That’s right, he pissed straight in her face!

Tip of the day – when you’re changing a baby boy cover his bits with a muslin or something similar, in case of friendly fire next time he goes for a piss.  Also when you seal that nappy make sure sure his willie is pointing down or they might pee right past their nappy.

You can never have too many muslins!

That evening he really did put Madonna to shame with his costume changes!  He got through 6 outfits in one evening!  A couple of these were as I didn’t follow my own damn advice and didn’t point his willie down, so he ended up pissing through his sleep suit even though he had a nappy on.  The one time he shat so much and so hard it fired out the edge of his nappy.  Between his poo changing to yellow liquid and the fact that he is enjoying he formula and feeding much better now, poop is always a potential issue!

Then the other changes were due to being sick.  He was incredibly unsettled from around 21:30 through until 01:00.  He might have just been in a bad mood or maybe his heel hurt? With a baby who knows what’s going on in their heads!  I think half the time they’re not even sure themselves why they are pissed off.

Nevertheless he was in a bad mood and at one point he got himself all worked up while feeding which resulted in the inevitable being sick…  and it was the fabled projectile vomit, which we witnessed for the first time.  And guess what…  As well as going all down his front, he absolutely smothered me in his second hand milk!  YUMMY!


It’s lucky my wife was awake to see the exorcism which happened when he puked cause otherwise I’d have had some explaining to do about the state of my shorts!

It really was a long few hours where he was constantly in and out of being tired or hungry or windy or hot or what ever and having 5 minute snoozes here and there, but the second he fell in to a proper sleep he had that little smile he does in his dreams, and suddenly all was forgotten.  While they are like this they become very tough to look after and it is very important, if a little difficult to keep your cool and just be calm around them.  Being pissed off yourself with them only has the potential to fuel them more.  Babies thrive off your misery!


So it’s 1:00am…  Sleep at last!

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