Day 5 – The Poop is Changing

Today was a fairly busy day although not overly eventful or enlightening in terms of what we have learned about our little man…  In that regard today was a little more laid back and a slight breath of fresh air.

One thing we did find out is that since moving to formula milk he is so much more settled!  He now feeds fairly regularly and does a good sized feed at every time, which is a huge relief.  Most importantly for me is that now that he is off the boob it gives me a chance to feed him and to do so without ever having to bother my wife at all.

Getting Myself Away for a Couple of Hours

We were rapidly running out of clothes so I had to do a couple of things in town anyway and decided to pop out to do a quick supply run.


  • Newborn sleep suits
  • Newborn baby grows with no legs but long sleeves
  • Muslins
  • Cotton pads

Muslins are about to become your new best friend – they’re the Swiss army knife of baby jobs!  You’ll use them to wipe up piss, shit, puke and just about anything that gets between your baby and either you or the surface you’re about to put it on.  It will be used to cover your baby, cover yourself or cover the surface you’re about to put your baby on.  It will become a blanket, a shawl, a sun shade, a makeshift nappy, a bed sheet and just about anything else you can fashion a square bit of fabric in to…  which as it turns out is a surprisingly large number of things!

You will never have too many Muslins!


I was out for just a little while and managed to get everything sorted I needed to, and whilst it is hard for the mums to be able to do so, I’d certainly recommend to the dads, that if you can get out of the house for a little while do so!  It’s good to get some fresh air, a little time away and to be honest your partners probably appreciate you leaving them alone for a bit.  They’ve got a baby they’re worrying about and bonding with – let’s face it, we’re probably in the way half the time!

Properly Outside for the 1st Time

After I spent some time away it was time to think about getting the wife and baby a bit of fresh air…  It really does  world of good for everyone!

Obviously he was outside for around 40 seconds when we left the hospital and walked him to the car, and then again for about 5 seconds when we transitioned between the car and out front door.  But other than those two brief events he’s stayed indoors all the time.  We’re due to take him out to a lactation clinic soon so thought it might be worth trying him outside where we live so that if he has a freak out we can just run him back indoors.

Plus my wife still has a few weeks of recovery left and getting her to take it easy is hard enough.  At home if she gets knackered we can just turn around again – or I can borrow a wheelchair from work…  Balance her in one hand and baby in the other.

We both work at Wingham Wildlife Park so the scenery is absolutely amazing for taking anyone for a walk whether it’s showing the parents around or engaging a little guy like this.  Even though he can’t really see anything yet, especially more than a few inches from his face, there are loads of new and cool sounds for him here.

But of course he slept through the entire walk including being seen by his ever growing fan base…  He’s a gorgeous little boy whom pretty much everyone who meets him is smitten with!  I don’t know where he gets his looks from, cause everyone says he looks like me but I assure you not everyone who meets me is instantly smitten!  He’s certainly got his mums nose…  Maybe that’s what I’m missing!

When we got about half way round we stopped off to give my wife a little rest at which point I got a phone call from my parents to say surprise!  We’re in the car park and have just got him a load of new baby grows in newborn size!

Needless to say between those and what I purchased earlier that day we’ve now got plenty of things for him to fit in to.

Tip of the day – When your little one isn’t born yet and you’re making your plans, plenty of people will most likely buy you things for him, especially if someone throws your partner a baby shower, and as such you will be told, don’t buy too much as you’ll have plenty.

Let me tell you from experience…  You won’t have plenty of clothes!  The number of outfits these little guys can get through in a single day is insane.  I think Ripley could put Madonna during a live show to shame!

Make sure you have a few outfits in a couple of sizes for when they are born and then use the first chance you get to go out and buy more, or get ready to buy things online with express shipping!

After we got him back home we did also that evening have a few friends from work come over to see this little guy which was really nice for them to get involved but also for us to see the amount of support which we have through this time!  We’re very lucky with the people we have around us.  That’s not only each other but our family, friends and colleagues too.


We did Learn 1 Thing Today!

When you’re baby is a c-section baby, as I mentioned in a previous entry (it might have been yesterday – having a baby and the little sleep which comes with it is a real brain fucker)… they don’t expel all the crap that builds up inside them, which would usually come out during birth, so the horrible black poop they make stays with them for a little while!

However, especially once you move to formula this speeds up and their poo goes from black tar to a yellowish liquid with little milky streams and lumps in it.  The only way I can really describe it is that you won’t be wanting a chicken korma for a little while!

So yeah, that’s about all we learned today…  Nothing ground breaking but certainly one to look out for.  I wasn’t expecting it as it happened from one shit to the next and it really ramps things up in terms of how rank changing their nappy just got!

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